Bike stations

Columns used to identify users and let them access the system with their code or card.
Pass your card on the bike station reader or enter your code. Take the bike showed on the screen


Multimedia Bike Station

It allows to take and leave electric bicycles, improve registration and 
permits to access to the bike station map on real time.





4G Bike station

This station allows to use the system and create reports about any 
trouble with bikes or bike stations functioning

Right Side

Take and leave bikes

Pass your card on the reader or enter your PIN Code; the screen will show you witch bike you should take.


Left side

New Subscription


Incident reports

Choose one option and fill the required cells Incident reports.



3G Bike station

CEeng_07.png This device is programed to improve the user’s 
interaction with the system.
  • Card reader. 
  • Screen.
  • Bilingual information system (Spanish and English).
  • Identification signs on the station that helps the user to use the system in a better way. 

Also it counts with:

  • CPU.
  • GPRS antenna. 
  • Backup battery.