Requirements, plans and fees


  • Valid ID, original and copy.

    IFE/INE, driver's license, professional degree, passport, FM2 or FM3

  • Credit or debit card VISA o MASTERCARD.

    For the membership payment, for yearly membership card must be mexican and at your name.

    Urban biking test.

    Provide the information requested on the urban biking test.

    Letter under oath.

    User manifest that possess skills and knowledge to use the bike as a proper transportation.

    Free urban bike course.

    User has access in anytime to the "Programa de Biciescuela"(Bike School Program) in order to develop basic knowledge and skills mentioned in the urban biking test, according to the regulations about using the bike in the city.

    Note: If someone is paying for you, both must present valid original ID and copy and the nak card from whom will pay, this only can be done on customer service centers, modules or stands.

  • Plans and additional fees.


    • Annual$521.00
    • Temporary 7 días$391.00
    • Temporary 3 días$234.00
    • Temporary 1 día$118.00

    • All plans include unlimited 45 minutes trips, in case of exceeding this time, the next rates will apply:

      • 0 to 45 minutes. Free
      • 46 to 60 minutes. $ 15.00.
      • Extra hour or fraction. $ 46.00.
      • Card replacement $ 16.00.
      • Exceeding 24 hours use. $ 6509.00.*

      All rates shown are in Mexican pesos.

    Where can I register?

  • Modules

    CAC 1 7th Oaxaca Street, Roma Colony

    Mini CAC 1 Reforma median strip(middle sideway) and Río Guadalquivir

    Mini CAC 2 Reforma median strip(middle sideway) in front of Reforma 222.

    Mini CAC 3 WTC, Insurgentes Avenue, in front of Poliforum Metrobus

    Service schedule: Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 19:00 hours.

    Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 15:00 hours.

  • Stands