How can I register to use an access code and release bikes with the station keypad?

The access code is available to one-day, three-day, and seven-day temporary users who register at fourth-generation bike stations. When they register, they can choose a number code that will serve as an access key to the system, allowing them to take and leave bikes.

When you register, the system assigns you a subscriber number and asks you to create a PIN number. You will need both numbers to take a bike.

Does the ECOBICI Membership provides accident insurance?

All active members in the ECOBICI System have accident insurance and public liability while they are using our bikes. In case of an accident while you are using our bikes, it is important to contact the Customer Care Call Center to 5005- 2424 to receive support. You can refer to the use policy stated in the agreement.

What do I have to do if I want to return a bike and the bike station is full?

Place your card on the bike station reader, the screen will show you the nearest bike station with available dock spaces, you will have 10 additional minutes to return the bike.

When I place my card on the reader it indicates that I'm using a bike, what should I do?

It is very important that after returning your bike in the dock, you must finally place your card over the reader, to make sure that the bike arrival has been recognized by the system, the screen must show “La bicicleta fue devuelta de manera correcta(Bike returned successfully)”.  Otherwise, immediately call at Customer Service Call Center 5005-2424 you must indicate bike number, bike station number and dock number.

If my automatic renewal was unsuccessful, what do I need to renewal?

Yearly membership renew automatically if the registrated bank card has funds available to pay the updated yearly fee, temporary customer do not get renewals, if they wish to continue using the service, they need to get a new registration. In case that renewal was unsuccessful, you have 15 calendar days after the due date to go to a Customer Service Center:

  1. Bring your valid original ID and copy(photocopy, we will keep it), (Valid ID's, IFE/INE, driver's license, professional degree, passport, FM2 or FM3).
  2. Carry mexican debit or credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD), with available funds to charge the correspondent updated fee.
  3. Using your phone bill payment with TELMEX(only for yearly subscription). We need original and copy from both sides, from the last phone invoice, must be at Mexico's City or Area Metropolitana resident name, paid recently not over 30 days, not past due or with the inscription: "pago inmediato". Besides ID, original and copy(photocopy, we will keep it), (Valid ID's, IFE/INE, driver's license, professional degree, passport, FM2 or FM3).

Note: If your contract already past due more than 15 days, you must register as a new member.

Note 2: If someone pays for you, must come with you to sign up contract and bring original and copy from a valid ID too.

Customer Service Centers

1. Rosas Moreno 152B, Col. San Rafael, Delegación Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06470.

2. Campeche 175, Colonia Roma Sur, Delegación Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06760.

Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

 Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00.

What should I do to cancel the service?

Only the membership owner or whom pays for, can cancel the service.

Visit our webpage, you only need your username and password, the username is in your card and your password was sent to the email you provide us when you register.

No refunds are available, as a result from service cancellation on regarding the time service that was not used or on regarding the time that is not going to be used until the contract due date.

I lost my password and / or username, how can I get it back?

You need to reset your password, that will be send by email, to the email address that you provide us when you subscribe.

Visit our webpage, you only need you username and password, if you register online you choose your usename and was sent to your email otherwise your username is the number on your card, for the ECOBICI cards is a long number and for the Transportation Cards is a number that you can find after an “F”, your password was sent to the email you provide when you became a member, in case that you do not have this email message anymore, follow the steps to reestablished it in the webpage section named “Users Zone”, and after that “¿Has olvidado tu contraseña?”and your new password will be send to your email.

If your email address changed and you wish to update it or do not receive the email with your new password, call us to 5005-2424, your card number will be requested and security questions will be performed to verify your identity, after this your password will be reestablished and will be send to your updated email.

How do I know when is the due date for my membership?

You can sign in our web page with username and password in the section “Users Zone” to find out how many days are left for your due date and check up your account details, as activities and charges.

Can I use an access code to take a bike?

Temporary users registered in fourth-generation bike stations can choose between a code or a card to make use of this service.

The ones who choose the code can take bikes from any bike station by entering the access code assigned by the system when they register, as well as a four-digit PIN number selected by the user.

This method allows users to enjoy the service in a safe, practical way.

What should I do in case of lost or stolen ECOBICI Card?

Immediately cancel it to avoid inappropriate use, you have two options:

  • Sign in our webpage using your usename and password, on the "user sign in" section.
  • Call to 5005-2424.

To get a card reposition, you must go to the Customer Service Center with a valid original ID (IFE/INE, driver's license, professional degree, passport, FM2 or FM3) and mexican credit or debit card, VISA or MASTERCARD with available funds to cover the correspondent updated charge or if you prefer we can activate a Transportation Card for free.

The member activities before card cancellation are your responsibility.

Note: The Transportation Card is the card you can use for Metro(Subway), Metrobus and now for ECOBICI.

What should I do if the bike is not recognized by the bike station?

It is probable that the bike is not well set on the dock.

To be sure that you have placed the bike properly follow the next steps:

  • Place the bike in an available dock with the green light on.
  • Wait until stop flashing and turn to red.
  • Make sure that the bike can´t be removed.
  • Place your card on the reader, the screen must show “La Bicicleta fué devuelta de manera correcta(Bike returned successfully)”.

If the screen shows the message "Bicicleta en uso(Bike in use)" call immediately at our Costumer Service Call Center phone 5005-2424 to avoid charges, you have to indicate the bike, bikestation and dock numbers.


Can I lend my ECOBICI Membership?

The ECOBICI card is personal and non transferable, therefore the only person authorized to use the card is you. The accident insurance policy only covers the membership owner. Keep in mind that lending your card, is a reason to cancel your membership.

What is the service scheduled?

From Monday to Sunday from 5:00 to 00:30.  The Customer Service Call Center is open on the same schedule.

Can I activate my ECOBICI Membership in my CDMX card?

If you are already an ECOBICI user and want to activate our service in the CDMX card, you could go to any of our Customer Service Centers to request the activation.  You can bring your own card or we can provide you a TDF, CDMX, transportation card with an $11.00 pesos charge to debit or credit card VISA or MASTERCARD. If you are not an Ecobici member but you have a TDF, CDMX, transportation card, go to our Customer Care Center, provide the  requirements, do your payment and our service will be provided through your card or buy a new one and activate it.

Note: The CDMX Card, TDF or transportation card is the card you can use for Metro(Subway), Metrobus and now for ECOBICI. 

I change or lost my credit or debit card, ¿what should I do to update my bank details?

  1. Go to a Customer Service Center.
  2. Show your ECOBICI Card and valid original ID, ( IFE/INE, drivers license, passport, FM2, FM3).
  3. Bring your new credit or debit card.
  4. Sign your new bank authorization letter.

Customer Service Centers

1. Rosas Moreno 152B, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc, 06470.

2. Campeche 175, Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc, 06760.

Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

 Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00.